Portnov Interview Questions


What is black/white box testing?
What are Bug Report components
What is a Test Case
What is a test plan?
Describe the QA Process
How can you describe QA process in your last company?
How would you approach testing of the Gmail application?
If there are so many settings/options to choose, how to write test cases?
If you log a bug and the developer says she can’t reproduce it, what should you do?
If you find a bug and the developer says it is as-designed, what would you do?
If you try to print a document to a printer, but the output is not there. What might be the cause?
Beside test case & test plan, what documents might be required to produce within QA department?
Describe Test matrix
Describe risk analysis in software testing
What is the difference between a consumer product compared to enterprise product?
How do you test a toaster?
How do you test a banking ATM machine?
If I have a dialog in which there is a text field that when I enter “abcd”, hit <enter> and the output comes out “8”, how do you test it?
What is use case?
What is Unit testing?
What is API Testing?
What is the performance testing?
What is stress testing?
What is the most important impact QA can have on a product development process?
How do you determine when you have done enough testing?
Describe the bug life cycle?
What is the software development life cycle?
How can a tester be sure that bug was fixed?
What is a Regression test?
Define User Acceptance test?
What do you prefer: white or black box testing?
How will you write test cases for LOGIN & PASSWORD functionality, positive and negative testing?
You have a simple web page with the login and password fields and Submit button. Max length of the fields is 20. Please, write as many negative Test Cases as you can?
How do you see yourself in 3-5 years as a QA engineer?
What is the difference between a test case and a test plan?
Why do you choose the QA career?
Describe a bug
What kind of issues do you encounter in browser compatibility testing?
How do you prepare a browser for GUI testing?
When do you automate testing?
Define Boundary testing?
What is error handling testing?
What are possible configurations that could affect the testing strategy of any web site?
What are the differences between testing WEB application and testing client-server application?
How should QA engineer communicate with a developer?
What are the basic rules of the methodology of automation?
How to automate a test case (major steps)?
What are the basic rules of creating of an automation test project?
What is the test documentation? Tell about this all that you know?
How many bugs do you report in one bug report? Why?
When does Testing begin?
What is Re-testing?
What is QA Methodology?
What are some of the differences between Agile and Waterfall? And have you used both in your previous employment?
If you found a bug what do you have to do next?
How did you write test plans; test cases?
Why did you used data driven approach?
Explain Multi-tiered Architecture
How do you perform GUI testing?
Tell me about the testcase development process?
What is the basic difference between B2B and e-commerce sites?
Which browsers do you like and why?



What the latest web technologies do you know?
What is web based application?
How to join tables in SQL?
Difference between Application Servers and Web server?
What is your company using as web Server?
Where the application configuration information is stored in Windows and in UNIX?
What is DHCP/DNS?
What is TCP/IP, HTTP protocols and how they work?
What is VPN and IpSec?
What would be the “suspicions points” if the HTML+Javascript file should contain the phrase: “George’s resume has > skills than mine”
Describe how OOP is used in software development
“IPconfig”, what is the similar command in UNIX?
What UNIX commands do you commonly use?
What typical controls can web pages contain?
What is HTTP protocol? How it works? Can you tell me any HTTP request method and describe it? Can you tell me any HTTP status code and describe it?
What are cookies?
What are browsers? Which one do you know? Can you show me how to see source code of a web page and where it keeps cookies?
How do you know what version of Java you are currently using?
Give me a select statement that gives me the contact information for customers in these tables:
– name {id,first,last}
– address {id,street, city}
– phone {id, order, phone}
– select *from name, address, phone where name.id = address.id and name.id = phone.id



Tell me about your current job/project?
Tell me about your prior experience and education?
Can you travel to Texas? How often?
Your resume says about your abilities as problem solver – explain with example.
What do you expect to gain from your internship tenure at our company?
What can you bring to the company?
When in the past you have been part of a team that is working exceptionally well, what do you think the reasons were for its success?
How have you in the past contributed to the success of your employer?
If you are working a problem (i.e. test scenario/bug) and you are unable to get the information you need who is the most likely person who can help you?
Tell us about a time in your previous employment when you had a disagreement with a team member. What was the situation and how did you solve it?
Can you provide one or two examples of how you lead, guide and motivate team members?
What qualities make a great leader and illustrate how you have used those qualities in the past.
Managing a team and being hands on can be challenging. How have you accomplished this in the past?
In the past when you have needed to involve your management to help solve a problem when did you do it and why was it appropriate?
Please describe your relationship with development, release management, and product management at your previous employment.
If there is no documentation available how do you know what to test and how to test?
On your last project describe the testing process or testing cycle that was used. What kinds of people were involved and who did you work with?
From your experience what are the most important factors that contribute to a successful software development and testing project?
Can you work with no supervision, in a team?
Can you work in startup environment?
Why do you want to work in our company?
What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?