SU 3 Class Page

Check the  Schedule of Classes frequently; any changes in the schedule will be reflected in that Document.

Lessons Plan:       Orientation for the SU-1 class:    Webinar   and   Notes

  1. Introduction: Software QA Profession, curriculum, setting expectations
  2. User Interface Testing and Usability
  3. Mastering UI Bug reports
  4. Bug Reporting and Bug Tracking
  5. Energy-Telecom req’s and functionality testing
  6. Test case – structure and basic points
  7. Mastering Test cases
  8. Test Documentation – test case, test suite, test plan
  9. Software Development Life Cycle – Agile, Scrum, Waterfall
  10. Clearance questions
  11. Test documentation and bug reporting Practicum – 1
  12. Test documentation and bug reporting Practicum – 2
  13. Interview questions related to Software Quality Assurance
  14. Interview questions related to Types of Software Testing-1
  15. Interview questions related to Types of Software Testing-2
  16. Job market. Job search as a process.
  17. Job Search: Keyword coding of profiles
  18. Networking. Talking to recruiters.
  19. Common interview questions. Company/Project story.
  20. Working with Craigslist, Meetup. Answering student questions.

Web Testing Project:

Session 1/3 Jira Bug Report Format Sugaring Factory Project Sugaring Factory Info
Session 2/3
Session 3/3
Обзор Проекта


Backend Testing

Unix/Linux 1/4
Unix/Linux 2/4
Unix/Linux 3/4
Unix/Linux 4/4
Unix Review in Russian
SQL 1/4
SQL 2/4
SQL 3/4
SQL 4/4
SQL Review in Russian
Testing with API+Postman 1/2
Testing with API+Postman 2/2
API Review in Russian


Intro to Agile: Kanban, Scrum

Intro to Agile. Scrum BEFORE THE SESSION



Mobile Testing Course/Project:

Session 1:
Session 2:
Session 3:
Session 4:
Session 1-4 Summary
Session 5:
Session 6:
Session 7:
Session 8:
Session 9:
Session 5-9 Summary:
Session 10:
Session 11:
Session 12:
Sessions 10 – 12 Summary



Session 1. Introduction        Notes      

Home Work Assignment:

Interview questions covered in the session:

  • What is Quality?
  • What is Software Quality?
  • What is Software Quality Assurance?
  • What is the difference between Software Testing and Software QA?
  • What is Software Testing?
  • Is it possible to find/fix all the bugs in a software product before it goes to the customers?
  • Then – Why test?
  • What is black/white box testing?
  • Describe a bug?
  • What is use case?
  • What is the most important impact QA can have on a product development process?
  • What is Negative testing? Positive?
  • Which type of testing results in highest number of bugs found?
  • What is the software development life cycle?


Session 2. UI Testing            Notes     

Home Work Assignment:


Session 3. Mastering UI Bug reports – style and vocabulary       Notes          

Home Work Assignment:

Bug Reporting Rules:

  1. Do not assume all the companies have same approach to writing bug reports
  2. Rule of WWW – What happened, Where it happened, under Which circumstances
  3. “Problem” bug report versus “Solution” bug report
  4. Bug report is not about perfect English
  5. Before reporting a bug, make sure that you are using the latest version of the AUT
  6. Report a bug immediately, do not postpone
  7. Make sure the bug is reproducible before reporting
  8. Minimize number of steps-to-reproduce
  9. Write one bug report for each fix to be verified
  10. The difference between actual and expected results should be clear
  11. Do not quote the violated rules or requirements (developers know them) – just talk about the problem itself
  12. Do not assume developer knows less than you do about the application
  13. Bug reports should be as concise as possible
  14. Bug report should be as complete as possible
  15. Attach screen shots, data files, logs to clarify the bug description
  16. Each “problem” has a story (each decision is a compromise) research before reporting
  17. Use technical terms, not “people off the street” language


Session 4. Bug Reporting & Bug Tracking        Notes           

Home Work Assignment:


********ПОВТОРЯЕМ занятия 1-4 на русском     Notes

Session 5. Energy-Telecom reqs and functionality testing         Notes

Home Work Assignment:

  • Pre-recorded webinar for Session 5
  • Project URL            Requirements
  • Test Energy-Telecom page using web form testing guidelines
  • Watch “The Strangest Secret” video on Youtube video


Session 6. Test case – structure and basic points         Notes

Home Work Assignment:

  • Watch Session 6 pre-recorded webinar
  • Test Documentation interview questions
  • “Turban and the Iron Pan – video on Youtube
  • Read “Software Testing” : Chapter 16. “Planning your test effort”
  • Take the Test Documentation-1 quiz

Interview questions covered:

  • Explain Equivalence partitioning?
  • What is test case?
  • What is test plan?
  • How would you test text field?

Session 7. Mastering Test cases         Notes

Home Work Assignment:

  • Watch Test Documentation videos by Yana Mourza: PPT    part1    part2    part3    part4    part5    part6    part7
  • Take the quiz on Test Documentation-2
  • Watch Jim Rohn – Formula for Success and Failure video
  • Read “Software Testing” : Chapters 17 “Writing and Tracking test cases”
  • Test GUI, usability, functionality of OrangeHRM (admin, password)

Session 8. Test Documentation – test case, test suite, test plan        Notes

Home Work Assignment:

  • Repeat Sessions 6 and 7 material
  • Take the quiz on Test Documentation-3
  • How would you test that (International Calling section)? – Job Interview question


Session 9. Software Development Life Cycle – Agile, Scrum, Waterfall         Notes      

Home Work Assignment:

  • Watch Viktor Feygelman lecture on Continuous Integration – Part1        Part2
  • Watch Iana Mourza lecture on Agile Testing – Part1         Part2                 PPT/PDF
  • Watch Agile Testing with Lana Litovskaya
  • Take the Agile Testing survey
  • Watch Tony Robbins – Clarity and Purpose video

Interview questions covered:

  • What is Continuous Integration?
  • What is Agile? Scrum? Waterfall?


********   ПОВТОРЯЕМ занятия 6-9 на русском   *********

Session 10. Clearance questions       Notes

Home Work Assignment:

  • Repeat the interview questions covered in Notes for Sessions 1 to 9
  • Watch the recorded webinar from the previous class
  • Watch Jim Rohn – Turning nothing into something video
  • More Interview questions and answers

Session 11   Notes  /  Session 12    Notes –  Test documentation and bug reporting Practicum

  • How would you test a pencil?
  • How would you test a toaster?
  • Test cases for restore password?
  • How would you test Gmail application?
  • Account registration?
  • Video file upload in Youtube?
  • Saving files in MS Word?
  • Scenarios to test GPS Navigator?
  • Alarm in your phone?
  • Bathroom scale?

Session 13. Interview Questions:     Software QA           Notes

Home Work Assignment:

  • Watch SQA Interview Questions pre-recorded webinar
  • Watch Bob Proctor talks about infinite potential video
  • Take the Common Interview Questions-1 survey
  • Study Portnov School Interview Questions


Session 14   Notes / Session 15 – Notes    Interview Questions: Types of Software Testing

Home Work Assignment:

  • Watch Session 14 pre-recorded webinar
  • Watch Session 15 pre-recorded webinar
  • Watch Jim Rohn – 3 Questions You should ask your self
  • Take the Common Interview Questions-2 survey
  • Study Portnov School Interview Questions

Rules of Successful Interviewing:

  • Rule of minus-zero-plus – getting ahead of the crowd (competition)
  • Multiple classification criteria exist at the same time
  • For each type of test provide an example from your practice (connect to work experience)
  • For each type of test tell what the challenge was and how you overcame that challenge at work
  • Providing Multiple opinions in definitions is very helpful
  • Ask how they define same thing in their company
  • Answer should sound natural, not as it was simply memorized
  • Timing – make brief and 100% to the point. Ask/offer if more details are needed.

Testing Types to be discussed:

  1. Black-white-gray box testing
  2. Functionality testing? (not Functional)
  3. Regression testing
  4. What is the performance testing? Load? Stress testing? Volume (non-functional)?
  5. Ad hoc, Exploratory
  6. Define User Acceptance Test? Beta-testing?
  7. Smoke testing? (superficial release/build acceptance; sanity check)
  8. What is Unit testing?
  9. Integration testing? System testing? End-to-End testing?
  10. What is API Testing?
  11. Test harness (automated test framework).
  12. Browser compatibility testing (cross-browser)?
  13. Operating system (cross-platform) Compatibility?
  14. Define Equivalence class? Equivalence partitioning? Boundary testing? Boundary Value Analysis?
  15. What is error handling testing (exception handling)?
  16. Localization and internationalization testing

*************ПОВТОРЯЕМ занятия 10-15 на русском*********  Notes

Session 16. Job Market. Job Search as a process.     Notes

Home Work Assignment:

  • Watch Tony Robbins – Breakthrough Relationship
  • Watch 50 Interview Killers: Part1 Part2
  • Take the Job Search-1 survey
  • Read 10 Interview Killers article
  • Action Verbs List
  • Resume Bullets

Session 17 + 18 Keyword coding of Dice profiles + LinkedIn. Talking to recruiters.         Notes

Home Work Assignment:

  • Watch LinkedIn with Victoria Borodina
  • Watch Joe Vitale discusses The Missing Secret
  • Create basic LinkedIn profile
  • Join PORTNOV group on LinkedIn
  • Join 2-3 professional SQA groups on LinkedIn

Recruiters questions covered:

  • What is your rate?
  • How far would you commute?
  • Why are you on the market now?
  • What is your Visa status?
  • Can I get your SSN (4 last digits)
  • Are you willing to relocate?
  • How soon you are available?
  • For how long have you been on the market?
  • Can I get your references?
  • How would you rate your knowledge of HTML (whatever) on the scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest

Session 19. Common interview questions. Company/Project story.        Notes

Home Work Assignment:

Interview questions covered:

  • How do you see yourself in 1-3-5 years from now?
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What do you like about QA?
  • Do you have questions for me?

Questions to discuss when online:

  • Life Path concept
  • Questions to be asked at the time of interview

Session 20. Answering student questions.         Notes

Bonus Session with Artemii Medani – 1            Presentation1
Bonus Session with Artemii Medani – 2            Presentation2